What is the Flow Game?

A way to find clarity together

The Flow Game is a powerful tool for creating an interactive reflection, dialogue and action space for groups, teams and individuals.  Working through a game is a simple way to ground, strengthen and bring clarity and flow to human beings, their life, leadership and actions.

The Flow Game is deceptively simple. Groups are always surprised at how it creates a supportive, challenging, and unique opportunity to explore the present or future in an intuitive and insightful way.

We invite you to play it if you have an important personal or group question to explore.

How do I play a Flow Game?

To learn more, contact a host in your area and see when the next Flow Game is being offered. Or, you could offer to help organise a game with them.

Train to be a Flow Host
If you have played several Flow Games and want to become a host, read more about what this entails here and register for an info call to connect with stewards, offering upcoming trainings. You can also always contact one of the Flow Stewards to find out more.

Find a local game visit playflowgame.net

Where could the Flow Game take me?

A powerful question is a doorway into a new perspective. It stimulates you.  It tickles you. It might even make you tremble. But if you have the courage to stay in the fire with it, that could change everything!  Are you ready for that?
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How does the Flow Game work?

To play the Flow Game you need to have a question that matters to you.  It might be something about work or life, home or community. Perhaps you want to think more deeply about your career or how you can make a contribution in the world.  Maybe your question is about being in better relationship with your family or your colleagues. Or you want to ask about a community issue or how you might exercise your leadership in a new and more potent way. More about how the Flow Game works

Who hosts the Flow Game?

Hosts of the Flow Game have been trained and are practiced in its gifts. You cannot play a Flow Game without one of these committed humans.

We are a community together, sharing what we learn as we host games in diverse contexts around the world. We live on 6 continents and 30 countries, and number almost 400. We also travel, so you may find a Flow Game Host close to you.

Learn a little more about those who take care of the game around the world – the Flow Game Hub, the stewards and the Flow Game hosts.

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If you have questions about being trained as a Flow Game host, first look here.
You are welcome to contact any Flow Game host listed in our directory.