How does the Flow Game work?

To play the Flow Game you need to have a question that matters to you.  It might be something about work or life, home or community. Perhaps you want to think more deeply about your career or how you can make a contribution in the world.  Maybe your question is about being in better relationship with your family or your colleagues. Or you want to ask about a community issue or how you might exercise your leadership in a new and more potent way.

Almost any question can be brought to the Flow Game, however we are not intending to be in therapeutic practice.  The focus of the game is to enable each of the players to ask a question that matters to them and gain good counsel from the other players. For this reason, the Flow Game is hosted by a trained Flow Host and the host supports players to craft an appropriate question to bring to the game.

During a Flow Game each player states their question, rolls the dice and then picks up a card from the deck indicated.  The cards contain questions, actions and pictures. Players support each other to think more deeply about what the game has offered in response to the question each player brings to the table.

A Flow Game most often is played for 4 – 6 players.

Often a Flow Game is played for three to four hours or a full day or more.  Sometimes we play shorter games as part of a longer event, like a conference or team building.  We also support strategy sessions, teams working on vision, mission and values and people in a wide variety of situations who want to gain a new perspective through taking a new look at the question they hold.