Where could the Flow Game take me?

A powerful question is a doorway into a new perspective. It stimulates you.  It tickles you. It might even make you tremble. But if you have the courage to stay in the fire with it, that could change everything!  Are you ready for that?

The world currently has quite a low question literacy.  We seem more concerned with answers than questions. But frankly, if you don’t get the question right, the answer is really not worth having.  Most people focus on transactional questions, but what the world needs right now are transformational questions.

The Flow Game is simple.  It’s easy to play. And that’s also why it is so powerful for the players.  A potent question can be not only a gamechanger, it can be a lifechanger! That’s why it’s important to be clear about the question you are asking — it really does make a difference!

So think about it…  What matters to you right now.  What really matters?  That’s where your question can be found!

Our small team benefited enormously from playing the Flow Game. We were holding a concern about clarity of purpose and the game offered a powerful way to explore this. As we played so much more was revealed than we could possibly have imagined, each round sinking us deeper and deeper into our question.

By the time we arrived at our final round, focused on exploring our individual contributions, we had achieved such a collective ‘flow’ that it was as though the game spoke through us – we were simply the conduits for it. Truly magical, and succeeded in deepening our team’s connections and shared understandings.

Jenny Blagdon, (formerly with) Family Law Pathways, Queensland, Australia