Who hosts the Flow Game?

Hosts of the Flow Game have been trained and are practiced in its gifts. You cannot play a Flow Game without one of these committed humans.

We are a community together, sharing what we learn as we host games in diverse contexts around the world. We live on 6 continents and 30 countries, and number almost 400. We also travel, so you may find a Flow Game Host close to you.

Learn a little more about those who take care of the game around the world – the Flow Game Hub, the stewards and the Flow Game hosts.

The Flow Game Hub

As the network of Flow Game practitioners has grown, there has been an increased need for stewarding the long-term vision, development, quality and governance of the Flow Game.

For that purpose, we, Monica Nissén, Toke Paludan Møller, Jan Hein Nielsen and Rowan Simonsen, will in 2022 establish a small international organisation called the Flow Game Hub based in Brussels, Belgium, as a future container for the ownership, rights and governance of the Flow Game in the long term. The Flow Game HUB consists today of the above 4 stewards, who have the responsibility for stewarding the development, quality, availability, production and distribution of the Flow Game for the world.

The Flow Game HUB also hosts and guides the training of Flow Game stewards and Flow Game hosts.

The Stewards

The Stewards are stewarding the practise of Flow Game hosting for the world – as well as training new Flow Game hosts, and in that way, they are facilitating the accessibility and gifts of the Flow Game to offer its potential for people to live more consciously and wisely.

Furthermore, the stewards inspire and support Flow Game practitioners as well as help improve and evolve the Flow Game as needed.

The Flow Game hosts

The hosts serve by organising and hosting Flow Games for individuals – teams – families – whoever asks sincerely to play a Flow Game around an important question. The Flow Game hosts support the game by creating an environment where learning, reflection, connection and the magic in the middle may emerge.